The Church

....Late 1800's
  After John Wroe's death the Church itself survived centred around the organisational structure that John Wroe had established.  However, as one of the prime church teachings is 'the hope of the life of the body', many members were confused between the hope and the reality and were disillusioned by John Wroe's death.  To this extent there was a falling away particularly amongst those who had been following the prophet and not the teachings. 

The absence of John Wroe left open in some peoples minds the expectation that there may or even should be a new leader.  There were numerous break away splinter groups following John Wroe's death.  The major groups which were established and which claimed succession to John Wroe's prophet ministry were the New and Latter House of Israel, predominantly in the United Kingdom,  established by Jezreel and the House of David, predominantly in North America, established by Benjamin Purnell.


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