The Church

....Early 1900's
  The House of David had a major impact on the Christian Israelite Church in Australia when in 1904 Benjamin Purnell, his wife Mary and their son Coy visited Australia to seek 'converts' from amongst John Wroe's followers.  They managed to take around half of the Melbourne members back to a Colony which they had established in Benton Harbour, Michigan, USA.

Unlike John Wroe, Benjamin hailed himself as the Leader of their group.  Subsequently after his death, and due to leadership challenges, his wife established a break away group in the 1920's which she called The City of David or The House of Mary.

In 1914, 100 years after the death of Joanna Southcott, there was a resurgence in the movement in England.  Through this Joanna's books were republished.  The outcome of this movement was the establishment of the Panacea society.

This all had an impact on the continuing work of the Christian Israelite Church particularly in North America and the United Kingdom, but the Church continued in strength in Australia with major groups in Melbourne, Singleton and Sydney.


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