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  The Church commenced at Ashton Under-Lyne, Lancashire, England, and spread across the United Kingdom within the first decade. 

John Wroe's message attracted support from a number of prominent families in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

John Wroe commenced his mission in Ashton but as a result of unrest amongst some members he moved to Wakefield. In the 1850's the members donated towards constructing a building for John Wroe at Wrenthorpe, near Wakefield.  The building, which was called Melbourne House, became both John Wroe's residence and a centre for visiting members particularly from other countries. 

Melbourne House.  Today it

is no longer owned by the


 The Church was strongly represented around the mid-1800's however towards the end of the nineteenth century bodies began to close and the records generally were returned to the Church Press Building in Ashton Under-Lyne. 

Leadership of the Church continued with descendants of Officers appointed by John Wroe until the mid twentieth century at which time members from other countries were invited to take a role in leadership of the Church.


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