John Wroe

....Summary of Travels

Year Trips Places Visited
1822-1840 Bodies established in England. Bodies established at Wakefield, Brandy Carr, Sheffield, Birmingham, Trosley, Ashton, Leeds, York, Devenport.
1840 First visit to New York per ship "Trenton".  Returned to England 3 months later.  
1843 First visit to Australia.  September 1843 to February 1844. Visited Sydney and Penrith.
1850 Second visit to Australia.  Returned to England via barque "Williams and Mary". Visited Hobart Town, Little Scotland, Collingwood and Sydney.
1853 Second visit to America. New York from March - July.
1853 From New York his third visit to Australia in November.  Left May 1854. Visited Geelong, Collingwood, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart Town.  Visited new Sanctuary in Sydney.
1859 Third visit to America.  May to June. Visited New York, Newark, Drummondville, Niagara Falls and Boston.
1859 August - Fourth visit to Australia.  Returned to England in February 1860. Visited Collingwood, Ballarat, Geelong, Hobart Town and Sydney.
1862 Fifth visit to Australia.  Left England 21st August and arrived Australia 15th November per ship "Shalimar" into Melbourne. John Wroe died in Melbourne in February 1863.


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