Early Preachers in Australia came from England.  In January 1854 John Wroe notably appointed Travelling Preachers and a few Local Preachers from the Sydney Sanctuary.  These formed the majority of Preachers within Australia. 

The Church did not retain detailed records of where these preachers travelled and their activities.  However there are some references to some of their activities in John Wroe's Life and Journal.  More and more historians are finding references to records about these Preachers in the general community.

A Travelling Preacher received a small allowance from the Church and a number of books to sell to supplement this income.  They would travel from place to place, usually in an appointed geographical area. 

The Local Preacher did not receive any allowance and were expected to remain in full time occupation in their local area and were entitled to preach only within that area.



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