....Sydney 1854

On the 14th January 1854 John Wroe appointed Travelling Preachers from the Sydney Sanctuary.  Some Local Preachers were also appointed.  Below are the names of the Travelling Preachers and some information about their travels:

John Cartwright:  On 14th January, 1854, John Wroe stated that John Cartwright was the oldest preacher, thus he could please himself which place he was sent to preach in.  His choice was between The Cape of Good Hope and New Zealand.  John Cartwright chose New Zealand.

John Bagwell:  Appointed in Sydney in 1854.  On 14th January, 1854, John Wroe sent John Bagwell to Mauritius and the Cape of Good Hope.  He also took John Bagwell as his book-keeper to England.

Robert Fitzgerald: Sent to the Swan River in January 1854.

Joseph Holgate: Was sent out as a Travelling Preacher by John Wroe some time after 1839.  Unfortunately in England he had a bit of a drinking problem which unfortunately followed him to Australia.  He was reprimanded a few times because of this problem.  Had been preaching in the colony but was instructed in January 1854 to preach no more.

John Ramsay: Sent to preach in Adelaide, South Australia in January, 1854.

Joseph Sanderson: Sent to preach in Yass, New South Wales in January, 1854.

James Jones: Sent to preach in the Maitland and Northern Districts in January, 1854.

Isaac Easterbrook: Sent to wander through different parts of the colony in January, 1854.

Hannah Giddy: A female preacher, sent in January, 1854 to “wherever she could find rest for the soles of her feet”.


A Travelling Preacher received a small allowance from the Church and a number of books to sell to supplement this income.  They would travel from place to place, usually in an appointed geographical area. 

The Local Preacher did not receive any allowance and were expected to remain in full time occupation in their local area and were entitled to preach only within that area.



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