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In the past accurate history about the Christian Israelite Church has been difficult to find. There is however a reasonable amount of literature that has been produced ranging from a friendly perspective to aggressive criticism.  This section lists some of the references that have been made about the Church in literature (pamphlets etc.), books and more recently websites.

Please note that the Christian Israelite Church does not necessarily support the views expressed in the references below, but they are included for research purposes.


The Christian Israelite Church Website

This site is dedicated to the theological teachings of the Christian Israelite Church.

The Israelite House of David

Many of the Christian Israelites joined the House of David when it was established.  This site contains information about many of the former members of the Christian Israelite Church subsequent to 1904.  It should be noted however that whilst the House of David largely maintained a commonality with the theology of the Christian Israelite Church there were some significant differences.

Mary's City of David

A number of members from the Israelite House of David formed the City of David.  Again this site reports on continuing activities about some former members of the Christian Israelite Church.

Joanna Southcott

The Joanna Southcott movement is a significant component of Millenarianism which developed from the 18th century in the United Kingdom.

Tameside Local History

Ashton Under-Lyne is in the Tameside area and the Library History site contains a number of references to John Wroe.  One reference in particular is a plaque located at the Odd Whim.


In recent times there have been a number of informative (although generally not accurately researched)  books that have been written about John Wroe and also about the Christian Israelite Church.  There have also been some "notorious" books which have denigrated both the Prophet and the Organisation.

These books will be systematically reviewed and added to this site.


There have been numerous pamphlets and small booklets produced and circulated both outlining the teachings of the Church and by those who have had counterviews.

This literature will be systematically reviewed and added to this site.


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